Stories are your secret weapon in business

Do any of these sound familiar...

  • you're convincing people to work with you

  • you're queasy and unsure what to say when someone asks, "Tell me a little bit about you."

  • sharing personal stories with complete strangers is super awkward


Imagine if You Could...

  • easily connect with your audience and get more people to say yes to working with you

  • sell confidently and comfortably instead of feeling fake or forced

  • raise your rates easily because your audience understands your value

Why Stories Work

  • Stories are the most authentic, un-salesy approach to sell to your audience.
  • They connect with the hearts of your audience and convert them to buyers while clearly communicating your message.
  • They turn your audience into loyal friends who love spending time with you (and hang on your every word).

Facts are Forgettable but Stories Sell!

(That’s why we memorized facts the night before an exam - we knew we would forget them five minutes after the test.)

You’ve got a gold mine inside you!

I can’t wait to show you how to identify and share your life’s experiences that set you apart from every other competitor!

"Who would have thought that my most valuable selling tool was something I had in my possession all along? Not me! But Christie Bilbrey showed me how to discover my unique story and craft it into copy that sells! And boy did it sell! My story email sold more memberships in my launch than any other marketing tactic I tried!"

Sam Bell
Brand Stylist at Brand It Girl

Despite spending nearly a decade working in politics and corporate marketing, it was a whole new ball game when I started my own business and had to promote myself.

I struggled to figure out what to say to book clients without feeling like a pushy salesperson.

How did this come so easily for some business owners?

The people I loved to follow knew exactly how to invite me into their life, understood where I was coming from, and spoke straight to my heart with what I needed most.

I didn't need to pore over their sales pages. I clicked the buy button immediately!

Quickly forming these bonds with an audience shouldn't be limited to only a few, super-star business owners.

After spending a year studying storytelling from screenwriters, authors, and entrepreneurs, I've cracked the code.

Let me give you the shortcut I wish I had.

Let me introduce you to Stories that Convert!

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"I have my story open during every podcast interview I do, I've used pieces of it on sales calls, and love that it can be used over and over and over again in marketing. "

Lauren Pawell
Online marketing strategist at Bixa Media

This course is for you if

  • you're ready to distinguish your brand from every single competitor

  • you're ready to comfortably show the human side behind the brand 

  • you're ready to find out how your story isn't as boring or disconnected as you thought.
  • you're ready to take the guesswork out of making sales faster (by effectively relating to your audience)

Does storytelling really matter?

Storytelling may sound like a recent marketing fad but it is actually history's most proven method of connecting with others and influencing their decisions.

"Those who tell the stories rule society."


"Stories shape reality, and human beings."

Paul Auster

"Story is a strategy to connect with your customers."

Miri Rodriguez
Storyteller at Microsoft

What if storytelling could flow seamlessly throughout every area of your marketing?

"All of the bits and pieces of my life experience seemed so compartmentalized and unrelated. Now all of those pieces fit into one cohesive, conversational story that captures my 'why' and message perfectly. What Christie does is truly priceless. "

Tonya Rineer
Money Mindset and Law of Attraction Coach

You might be wondering...

No worries! You have lifetime access and can go through this course at your own pace. I want this to be as meaningful as possible in transforming the way you convey your awesomeness to the world, so take all the time you need and start anytime you want.

This works for any business. People like to do business with people. Whether you're a product or service-based business, it’s important for your audience to know you, how you think, and all of the time, effort, and heart you've put into building something wonderful for them - that you understand them and designed your offer specifically for them.

Stories are the most memorable type of info you can share. Creating a memorable brand is critical to a successful business.

Also, pinpointing how you’re different because of your journey and why that helps you deliver great results will connect with your audience stronger than anything else you tell them.

So many business owners initially feel like their story is boring. It’s simply not true. You didn’t just fall into your business, even if it feels like it. You had people and experiences that shaped you and your path. This course helps you connect the dots to reveal your unique sales advantage through your stories.  

Then you need an angle that sets you apart. Your stories convey that in a fun and interesting way. This is your opportunity to direct the narrative and use it to your advantage.

If the DIY course option isn't quite what you're looking for, click here to inquire about becoming a private client. Together, we will craft the right brand story to personalize your message and help you begin implementing it throughout your marketing.

More about me

Hi, I'm Christie Bilbrey. As a marketing & story strategist, I help business owners personalize their marketing, authentically setting them apart from their competitors and quickly turning browsers into buyers in the most un-salesy way possible -- with their story.

Think this came easily for me? Nope. I felt just as frustrated as you do. Despite a marketing career that began in the U.S. Senate and The White House, followed by two jobs with companies that have offices all over the world, I didn't know everything about marketing myself. I had to go back and study.

I spent a year studying storytelling and created a simple system that's easy for small business owners like me. I can't wait to show you what a game changer this will be to grow your sales!

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