You have a story to tell.
Why does sharing it feel so difficult?

Does your journey feel messy and hard to convey?

Do you cross your fingers when you share your story, hoping it ends in a way that positions you well?

Do you find yourself holding back, short-changing all you’ve overcome and accomplished with an oversimplified version because you don’t want to ramble or give people the wrong idea about you?

Do you wish it was easier?

That’s exactly why I designed the 8-week, 1-1 program: Brand Story Built for You.

I believe you are one-of-a-kind, uniquely equipped to serve others because of your story.

My job is to reveal your inner treasure and beauty, showing you how to confidently share it with those you are called to serve.

I want you to pursue more than you thought possible because you leave with a new mindset where the thought of authentically sharing more of who you are makes you excited, not stressed.

Here's How it Works

1. Memory Prompt Brainstorm

First, you'll complete my Memory Prompt Brainstorm questionnaire to help your mind begin pulling more memories from your entire life - so that we have lots of material to work with.

2. Deep Dive 1-1 Call with Me

We have a 60-90 minute video call where we discuss your business strategy, so that we can reverse engineer the perfect story to meet your needs. 

Then we discuss your brainstorm notes and map out your story.

3. I Start Working on Your Story

I involve you at each step of the process by jumping on a call with you to discuss the initial draft, the revised draft, and the final, making sure this is tailor-made with your voice. 

What Do You Get?

  1. Your About page that helps people get to know the real you + get excited to work with you!
  2. Your elevator pitch
  3. A personalized pitch template to get speaking/writing opportunities that increase your credibility + sales!
  4. A list of additional stories to share more of who you are in livestreams/videos, blogs, interviews, podcasts, and social media posts
  5. Your IG bio 


You will also have access to my back-office story trainings that walk you through my mindset, philosophies, and a step-by-step process to create every type of story in this program, so that you can have a refresher any time you want to create another story in the future.

"Investing in myself and my business by working with Christie on my brand story has taken my business to new levels of clarity, success, and income! I feel 100% confident to share my business by using the system Christie teaches and guides you to use in creating your brand builds trust and I can't recommend it enough!"

Ashley Washington, Life & Business Coach
The Sacred Sparkle

Effective, Authentic Influence that Grows Your Business

You crave authenticity and want to show up that way in business but what exactly should you share with your audience?

You DON’T want to brag or simply share random tidbits about your life that will confuse your audience, or worse, turn them off from working with you.

I know exactly how you feel because I felt the same way – I had been in corporate marketing for nearly a decade before opening my business, and I felt so much embarrassment and shame that I didn’t automatically know how to do this.

I finally realized that just like anything else, crafting and sharing your brand stories is a skill and anyone can learn.

It wasn’t long before I realized the key difference between creating marketing for someone else and marketing myself was the emotion involved. What a night-and-day difference!

"Before working with Christie, I was clueless about what storytelling could do for my business. The best part is that now I can share stories to help my audience recognize issues they didn’t even know existed. You will learn how to market without feeling salesy!"

Jaclyn Castro
Fitness Accountability Coach

When you think of your core brand story, does it feel impossible that it could help someone truly get to know you - your struggles, successes, and the journey that has shaped who you are, the way you think, and why you’re the right choice to help them with your area of specialty?

I believe it must answer all those questions.

After all, isn’t that exactly what you look for before plunking down a significant amount of cash with someone? You probably ask yourself questions like,

“Can she truly understand where I’m at and why I struggle with this?”

“Will she really be able to help me get the results I need?”

“If there is a problem, will they be kind and helpful or not even care?”

That is exactly why you need a clear-cut, streamlined brand story. It will do the heavy lifting for you in the most authentic, non-salesy way possible.

Sharing your story in business often means the difference between keeping your doors open and closing your business. You need to connect with your audience in a way they can get to know/like/trust you quickly.

I hate seeing businesses close, not because they aren't talented in what they offer but simply because they didn't know how to bring in draw in enough clients, quickly, comfortably, and consistently.

"After constantly rewriting my brand story for over a year, Christie helped me finally get my story straight! Now, I have a brand story that is perfect for what I do. And it’s so much easier to create marketing content! I’m so excited to share my new brand story everywhere - especially on stage in the near future!"

Kacy Jackson
Business Strategist

Wanna chat to see if this is right for you?

About Christie

Hi, I’m Christie, brand story & marketing strategist, host of The Business that Story Built podcast, and creator of the online course Stories that Convert. I have a soft spot for women who feel called to own a business but struggle with communicating who they are and what they represent to quickly draw in the right clients. Figuring this out often means the difference between staying in business and closing doors.

Nothing fills my heart more than helping women business owners swell with confidence as they reconnect with their stories, deeply understand their unique purpose and value, and learn how to build their brand and bank account with a clear, authentic voice that resonates with their audience.

I’ve been privileged to help women use their brand stories to launch businesses & programs and get more speaking opportunities & clients.

When I’m not pouring over brand stories, you’ll find me in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes or laughing at inside jokes with my hubby and our two, tiny papillon dogs.


This service is an eight-week program. 

You will leave with 5 brand story assets: your website's About page, your elevator speech, a personalized pitch to pursue more speaking/writing opportunities, a list of additional stories to share (on livestreams, interviews, podcasts, YouTube, blogs, articles, social media posts and stories), and your Instagram bio.

We will have a weekly video call throughout the eight-week program, so you are involved at each step of the process.  

You will have life-time access to all of the back-office trainings to refer to at any time, so you can get a refresher on how to think through and craft any future stories you need.

My process draws out your heart, mindset, personality, quirks, and journey. You will be involved at every step in the process. Together, we decide which pieces to include to achieve what's needed. During our weekly calls, we inject even more details that make it unique to your brand and story.  

Once I have drafted the initial version of your brand story, I will no longer provide a refund but am happy to provide a pro-rated credit toward my other products and services.


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